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Prepare for SATs

SATs are tests that your child will take May. They will be tested in maths and English.

SATs evaluate your child's progress and help measure the school’s performance.

The results will be passed on to your child’s secondary school for when they start there in September.

So how can you help your child prepare?

  1. Talk to the teacher. If you don’t know what is involved in SATs or aren’t sure how your child is doing, talk to their teacher or us.

  2. Talk to your child. Talk to your child about how they’re feeling and reassure them.

  3. Don’t worry. If you worry, your child will worry. If they haven’t done as well as you wanted, it doesn’t mean they haven’t got lots of potential and can’t improve.

  4. Focus on the skills and make it fun:

Focus on the actual skills they need rather than the tests themselves. You can do this by:

· Encouraging them to read and write.

· Practise maths throughout the day.

· Use visual aids to take a multi-sensory approach to their learning.

· Enrol them with MagiKats. Our English and maths tuition is hands on and practical. We don’t just ask them to work through test papers – we make it interactive and fun!

Don't forget to reward and relax at the end!

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