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Microsoft Word

Become a Wordsmith with our tailored online Microsoft Word course. Achieve certificated proficiency in hours in PC version 2007/10.

Nearly everyone can use Word to a basic level, so we don't want to waste your time covering basics like copy and paste, undo and redo. Instead, we show you highly practical, under-used methods to produce even better results while saving lots of time.


The syllabus uses our vast analytical experience, wide-ranging research and thorough refinement to establish which Word functions and techniques are most useful. Those that made the final cut are split across five main categories: i) Simple techniques to improve productivity; ii) Structure and automation; iii) Coping with common Word tasks; iv) Managing Word documents and their production and v) Advanced tasks in Word.


Our CPD UK certified online course covers what-you-need-to-know-in-business rather than what Word-can-do.

Highlights - 

  • Consists business focused Word units from our distilled syllabus

  • Contains 20 hours of learning materials but can be completed in as little as 12 hours of dedicated study

  • Provides 24/7 access to all learning materials from the date you register

  • Available in PC version 2007/10

  • Generates a Certificate of Attainment and a Test Certificate (useful for CPD fulfilment)

  • Taught through a blend of text-based articles, practice exercises, video tutorials and multiple choice quizzes and tests


Section 1: Foundation

Unit 1.1 - The Word Interface
Unit 1.2 - A Simple Letter
Unit 1.3 - Typing in the Right Place
Unit 1.4 - Simple Paragraph Formatting
Unit 1.5 - Templates
Unit 1.6 - A Simple Letter, Better, Faster

Section 2: Basics

Unit 2.1 - Font Formatting
Unit 2.2 - Paragraph Formatting
Unit 2.3 - Styles and Themes
Unit 2.4 - Pages and Sections
Unit 2.5 - Automating Word
Unit 2.6 - Spelling and Grammar

Section 3: Common Tasks

Unit 3.1 - Lists, Tables and Schedules of Figures
Unit 3.2 - Envelopes and Labels
Unit 3.3 - Mail Merge
Unit 3.4 - Graphics
Unit 3.5 - Create a Newsletter
Unit 3.6 - Tips and Shortcuts

Section 4: Administration

Unit 4.1 - Working Collaboratively
Unit 4.2 - Printing and Other Output Formats
Unit 4.3 - Customizing Word
Unit 4.4 - Housekeeping
Unit 4.5 - Basic Use of Macros

Section 5: Taking Word Further

Unit 5.1 - Forms and Form Fields
Unit 5.2 - Complex Numbering
Unit 5.3 - Coping with Long Documents

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