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Tips for GCSE students

GCSE revision can get a bit same-y. Read subject, make notes on subject, make smaller notes on subject.

Memorise notes. Repeat.

Here are some tips to make revision interesting and effective!

1.) Record yourself: Instead of writing down all those terms you need to know for your subjects, try recording each term and definition on your webcam or mobile phone recorder. Rest your eyes by playing these recordings back, trying to breathe deeply as you take it all in. 2.) Podcasts: Record a summary of a unit of work in bite-size chunks. For example, chapter-by-chapter plot summaries of your English Literature texts. Play these on your way to school, as you walk down the street. 3.) Stick up facts: No matter how hard you revise, there will be some pieces of information that just won't stick. A good game to play is to write facts on post-it notes and put them up in random places around home. Don't make it too hard to find them, of course. Put up the ones you need the day before the exam. Stick them on your breakfast cereal box, hallway wallpaper or family portraits. Our Saturday GCSE preparation classes are ongoing. Students are progressing well and working hard through exam papers, techniques and important exam skills required.

We would like to wish all of our GCSE student the best of luck for the 2019 exams!

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