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Recent BEST Learning Success Stories

You may have noticed in the 'latest news' section of our homepage that congratulations had recently been in order for a number of our BEST Learning students. To follow up our brief congratulations, we wanted to share two of our brilliant students' success stories with you.


Massimo came to our BEST Learning Centre two months ago seeking English tuition. Having just arrived in the UK from Italy, he was not able to practise his trade as an electrician until he had passed several UK Certified Electrical examinations, but these exams were written in English and his English speaking and writing skills were at a very, very basic level.

Massimo commenced 1-1 tuition with one of our TEFL qualified tutors and attended our weekly Beginner’s English group lesson. We were extremely proud to find out a couple of weeks ago that Massimo passed his examinations with flying colours and can now practise his trade in the UK with confidence!


Swani came to our Centre, having already sat the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam three times. Originally from Brazil, and having practised as a dentist in Spain previously, Swani needed to take her IELTS examinations to a certain level, to be able to continue practising as a dentist, when she moved with her family to the UK.

She attended our Centre twice a week for 1-1 tuition to practise her English speaking and writing skills.

She found out that she had passed in October and enjoyed learning with us so much that she continues to come to our Centre, attending weekly professional English lessons, focussing on speaking and writing. Her husband also studies professional English with us and they have enrolled their children on our Magikats programme.

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