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Thank you so much to Shariefa and the team for their help and support over the years, especially during this difficult time. My daughter has been with MagiKats since Year 1 and she is now almost 12 years old. She enjoys every single lesson and there is no doubt that MagiKats have played a huge role in her development.
Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, MagiKats have still been able to provide online lessons for their students, I find this remarkable!
I can highly recommend them to anyone.
- Angel
I just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff and tutors at MagiKats for all that you're doing to give the children some learning whilst they are not at school [during the Coronavirus pandemic]! You’ve done an amazing job switching them to virtual learning which is so easy to get on even for me which says a lot! As a mum it’s taking away some of the worry that the children aren’t in school learning, as I know they have their lesson and homework with MagiKats every week. So thank you all again, your hard work is very much appreciated!
- Tee
My 8 year old joined BEST Learning Centre in August 2019 to have 1-to-1 tuition. I didn’t expect a massive change in his personality, but he has gone from being shy with a lack of confidence and bad marks at school into a star in this very short time. His school teacher is very proud of him - she said he is challenging himself, doing his best and sharing his ideas in class - and this is because BEST Learning Centre build him up educationally and support him to be confident and hard-working. He loves going there; the teacher and the staff are very friendly and professional, and they are doing their best to make you proud of your kids. Thanks a lot BEST Learning Centre Beeston!
- Mai
I couldn't recommend Best Learning enough! The warm, family atmosphere, along with attentive, caring tutors (who are matched perfectly with their students) make it the perfect learning environment. Best Learning not only helped my daughter academically, after missing a year of school through illness, but more importantly gave her the self belief to sit her GCSES, with outstanding results. We can't thank them enough.
- Karen
Our daughter has been going to magikats since she was 4 (now 8). Not only does she absolutely love attending the sessions, she is excelling in her maths. The support she gets from the tutors is fantastic and shows in the confidence she has. Highly recommend.
- Louise
Shariefa, ‘Thank you’ cannot cover the last nine years! All the fun and learning I had as a student to now working as a tutor means MagiKats really has been a HUGE part of my life and who I am! It seems crazy that you have seen me grow from a child into a young adult! I genuinely enjoyed every minute as a tutor and feel as though I have found an area I really want to pursue in my upcoming career so thank you for giving me the opportunity! A massive thanks also to Tamima for all the lovely timeson KidiKats. I’ll never forget them or you! Thank you and lots of love always!
- Sofia
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