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App Design

Get ready to design your first App today with the ultimate IOS and Android App Design course.

This is your chance to create an app in just a few weeks. We teach you based on real-life knowledge and experience, not theory. The course author, Chris Stevens, has shipped over half-a-million apps, including the smash-hit Alice for the iPad. Our course is packed with authentic tips covering design, programming and marketing. We want you to get your app on Google Play or the Apple App Store as soon as possible.

This fantastic package includes:

  • 15 hours of learning material

  • The Code Zone introduces you to IOS and Android App coding

  • Exclusive video interviews

  • Stunning, downloadable infographics

  • Exercises

  • Multiple-choice test

  • Certificate of Completion


Section 1: App Basics

Unit 1.1 - Introducing the app
Unit 1.2 - Basic platform considerations
Unit 1.3 - The killer app idea

Section 4: The Code Zone

Unit 4.1 - Introduction: Apple's Xcode and the Android SDK
Unit 4.2 - Android SDK: Programming the Android SDK
Unit 4.3 - Xcode SDK: Programming with Apple Xcode
Unit 4.4 - Alice for the iPad: Learning from the Alice source code
Unit 4.5 - App Building Tools: Explore the zero-code rock-revolution
Unit 4.6 - Utility Apps: A look at non-game software
Unit 4.7 - Introducing GameSalad
Unit 4.8 - One Hour App
Unit 4.9 - Android and iOS Videos
Unit 4.10 - Exercises and Downloadable Content

Section 2: Starting a Project

Unit 2.1 - Dealing with customers
Unit 2.2 - Finding a programmer
Unit 2.3 - Working for yourself
Unit 2.4 - How to handle Apple and Google

Section 3: Planning an App

Unit 3.1 - Planning an app
Unit 3.2 - Partnering with a programmer

Section 5: Working with Touch Screens

Unit 5.1 - Top tips for touch-screen design
Unit 5.2 - The 'feature fallacy' and how to avoid it
Unit 5.3 - Prototyping

Section 6: Building a Killer App

Unit 6.1 - Innovative app design
Unit 6.2 - Integrating sound
Unit 6.3 - Understanding games

Section 7: Entering the Marketplace

Unit 7.1 - Submitting your app
Unit 7.2 - Marketing your app

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