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Marketing Analytics

Technical marketers are in high demand and low supply. Being able to dive into data on your own, with no help from analysts, makes you a much better marketer.

This is why Structured Query Language (SQL) is so powerful - it allows you to see all your customers’ data and make decisions based on accurate analysis. Knowing how to use SQL is literally a marketing superpower, and that’s exactly what this course will teach you!

The concepts and queries in this course are used every day by the marketing teams at successful companies like eBay, Moz and HubSpot.

Highlights -

  • Six key components of every SQL query

  • How to identify your most profitable users, and how to attract more like them

  • How to run a cohort analysis

  • How to discover the "aha" moment that turns one-off customers into loyal clients

  • Five key metrics to measure right away after learning SQL

  • Over 1.5 hours of video content

  • Downloadable databases and other resources

  • Case studies

  • Certificate of Attainment


Section 1: Introduction

Unit 1.1 - Introducing the Course

Section 2: What is SQL?

Unit 2.1 - Introduction
Unit 2.2 - What, Why and How
Unit 2.3 - Marketing and SQL

Section 3: Writing SQL Queries

Unit 3.1 - Preparing to Write a Query
Unit 3.2 - SQL vs. Excel?
Unit 3.3 - Writing Queries

Section 4: Using SQL

Unit 4.1 - Querying Databases
Unit 4.2 - Exercises
Unit 4.3 - SQL Scripting and Reporting
Unit 4.4 - Course Conclusion

Section 5: Bonus Content

Unit 5.1 - Chartio for Data Analysis
Unit 5.2 - Google Query Creator

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