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Business & Everyday Maths

Get comfortable with numbers in business and life.

The business world is founded on numbers and math. Mathematical mindfulness can help eliminate costly errors, drive profit and generally lead to a greater confidence in business (and everyday) discussions. It’s therefore vital for business people to be comfortable with the most important and frequently-occurring features of the discipline. We can help you with that.


Whether you haven’t touched a calculator since high school, or you just don’t find simple interest simple, our refreshingly practical course will tailor itself closely to your knowledge and ambitions using our signature diagnosis test. Using guided examples, videos and constant application to realistic business scenarios, our course carefully teaches you all the skills required to transform math from a hazard to be feared into a weapon to be utilized. Allow Dr Clare Morris, professor at the University of Gloucestershire and published author, to make you feel more at home in numberland.

Section 1: Introducing the basics

Unit 1.1 - Getting Started
Unit 1.2 - Be Confident with Numbers
Unit 1.3 - Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Ratios


Section 2: Quirks in Math

Unit 2.1 - Notation
Unit 2.2 - Estimation and Accuracy
Unit 2.3 - Working with Letters
Unit 2.4 - Debts and Debits

Section 3: Working with data and tools

Unit 3.1 - Tools for Arithmetic
Unit 3.2 - Graphs
Unit 3.3 - Business Applications and Handling Data

Section 4: Advanced techniques

Unit 4.1 - Handling Data
Unit 4.2 - Dealing with Chance
Unit 4.3 - Conclusion

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