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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook is everywhere and is expanding as we speak. With no start-up costs, Facebook’s potential as a marketing, branding and networking tool is truly enormous. Utilising Facebook is indispensable as a business; to ignore it is to be left behind. But whilst many business people know this, most fail to maximise Facebook’s marketing potential. 

This course was written by people with extensive Facebook-marketing experience. It will teach you, in just a few hours, how to transform Facebook from a chore, into a tool that gives you the freedom and ability to launch and manage tailored marketing campaigns that deliver hot leads, clients and help grow your company.


Through a combination of animated videos, screencasts and written text, the course will teach you how to launch a successful Facebook-marketing campaign by:

  • Creating a page and making that page shine

  • Creating professional content

  • Installing powerful Facebook apps and integrating custom tabs to your Facebook page

  • Launching and running your first Facebook Ads campaign

  • Interpreting and analysing data to assess and amend your Facebook-marketing campaign using a weekly routine

  • Leveraging the power of real-time marketing

  • Learning from successful businesses through inspiring and realistic case studies

  • Learning how to handle a variety of common marketing-campaign problems


Section 1: Concepts and Strategy

Unit 1.1 - The Ws of Facebook Marketing
Unit 1.2 - Why Should You Even Be on Facebook as a Business?
Unit 1.3 - Who Is on Facebook and How to Determine Your Audience Size
Unit 1.4 - Where are People When on Facebook?
Unit 1.5 - When to Take Action When it Comes to Facebook Marketing
Unit 1.6 - What Type of Content to Create (Strategy & Structure)
Unit 1.7 - How to Take Action and Start

Section 2: Hands-on Implementation

Unit 2.1 - Creating a Page
Unit 2.2 - Making That Page Shine
Unit 2.3 - Installing Some Apps
Unit 2.4 - Custom Tab Integration
Unit 2.5 - Creating a Weekly Routine
Unit 2.6 - How to Create Actual Content
Unit 2.7 - Your First Facebook Ads Campaign
Unit 2.8 - How To Interpret and Analyze Insights Data

Section 3: What to Do When

Unit 3.1 - What-To-Do-When Scenarios

Section 4: Resources and Final Thoughts

Unit 4.1 - Facebook Marketing Resources
Unit 4.2 - Final Thoughts

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