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Life Coaching

For those wanting to help others create a compelling, positive future, becoming a Life Coach is a must

Life Coaching teaches you the methods required to facilitate positive change in other peoples lives. As a Life Coach you empower your clients to reach their full potential and achieve their life goals.

A Life Coach helps others understand why it is they do the things they do. After this course you will  have a toolkit that allows you to help people organise their lives, achive goals, realize dreams, and rekindle long-lost passions. 

Using a variety of images and media, by the end of this course you will have:

  • Understood the responsibilities and expectations of a Life Coach

  • Developed complex listening and questioning skills

  • Mastered the T-GROW and SMART models

  • Identified how feedback makes coaches great

  • Challenged things preventing you or your client's achievements

  • Become an organised and creative master of communication


Section 1: Coaching, Counselling, Consulting & Mentoring

Unit 1.1 - Introduction

Section 2: The Basics

Unit 2.1 - Key Responsibilities
Unit 2.2 - Listening and Questioning

Section 3: Coaching Models & Communication

Unit 3.1 - Coaching Models
Unit 3.2 - Communication
Unit 3.3 - Passive Aggressive Assertive Communication

Section 4: It's Up To You

Unit 4.1 - Feedback
Unit 4.2 - Toolkit

Section 5: Course Ending

Unit 5.1 - Administration
Unit 5.2 - Conclusion

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