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Project Management

Project management is central to the work of all organisations. In order to create value, develop and generally succeed, organisations need to launch, manage and evaluate projects of all descriptions.

However, today’s professional environment is a complex web of constrained resources, tight deadlines, lightning-fast developments and ambitious targets. Ensuring that projects are well informed, efficient, flexible and effective - whilst also yielding the desired results - is therefore both extremely challenging and, potentially, extremely rewarding.

Accordingly, project management skills are invaluable. Project managers are able to synthesise wide-ranging tools, processes and skills in an ever-changing order to translate the complexity and chaos of the modern professional environment into concrete successes.

Highlights -

  • 15 hours of learning material

  • Techniques and tricks from project-management experts

  • Video summaries

  • Worked examples with screenshots

  • Downloadable templates

  • Exercises

  • Multiple-choice tests

  • 5 sections: Introduction, Preparation, Planning, Performance & Closure

Section 1: Overview

Unit 1.1 - Introduction
Unit 1.2 - A Brief Discussion on Project Management and How it Began
Unit 1.3 - The "Book Ends" of the Project Management Process
Unit 1.4 - Various Project Management Frameworks / Life Cycles
Unit 1.5 - Section Plenary


Section 2: Preparation

Unit 2.1 - The High Level Organisation Structure of a Project
Unit 2.2 - Project Definition
Unit 2.3 - Initial Stakeholder Analysis
Unit 2.4 - Section Plenary

Section 3: Planning

Unit 3.1 - Management Processes - Adding Discipline without Bureaucracy
Unit 3.2 - Developing a Project Schedule
Unit 3.3 - Identifying and Assigning Project Resources
Unit 3.4 - Section Plenary

Section 4: Performance

Unit 4.1 - Project Team Management
Unit 4.2 - Directing and Controlling Project Work
Unit 4.3 - A Project Manager's Soft Skills
Unit 4.4 - Section Plenary

Section 5: Closure

Unit 5.1 - Deliverable Verification
Unit 5.2 - Project / Phase Closure
Unit 5.3 - Section & Course Plenary

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