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Introduction to Digital Photography

Ever wanted to take great pictures but don’t know where to start? This online course – written by Ken Schultz will give you all the basics you need to take dramatically better photos with your DSLR!

Whether for yourself or for your business, these Videos will take the mystery out of DSLR photography and get you taking Professional Quality Photos in a really short time without doing a Degree in Photography.

By the end of the course, users will learn how to:

  • DSLR Overview - What’s a DSLR and DSLR Essentials?

  • DSLR Basics - Composition, Exposure – Intro and ISO, Exposure – Aperture, Exposure – Shutter Speed. White Balance Basics and Custom White Balance. Focusing Basics and Depth of Field. Flash Basics and Flash Diffusers.


This fantastic package includes:

  • Hours of video content

  • 720p High Quality Video

  • Techniques and Tricks from an expert

  • Focus on introducing the Basics

  • Explaining the photography triangle


Section 1: Getting Started

Unit 1.1 - Introduction

Section 2: DSLR Overview

Unit 2.1 - What is DSLR?
Unit 2.2 - DSLR Essentials

Section 3: DSLR Basics

Unit 3.1 - Composition
Unit 3.2 - Exposure: Intro and ISO
Unit 3.3 - Exposure: Aperture
Unit 3.4 - Exposure: Shutter Speed

Section 4: White Balance

Unit 4.1 - White Balance Basics
Unit 4.2 - Custom White Balance

Section 5: Focus

Unit 5.1 - Focusing Basics
Unit 5.2 - Depth of Field

Section 6: Flash

Unit 6.1 - Flash Basics
Unit 6.2 - Flash Difffusers

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