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Millions of people around the globe play chess. It is one of our favourite ways of pitting our minds directly against one another.

But chess is not easy. Although played on a simple board with simple rules, there are an infinity of possible strategies, styles and outcomes. Chess is an art as much as it is a science.

This course – written by Grandmaster and widely published author Simon Williams - teaches you how to understand the intricate mechanics of chess to ensure that your play is watertight without forgetting to enjoy the beauty of the game. No stone is left unturned.


Through a combination of animated videos, screencasts and written text over 138 modules, the course will teach you:

  • The rules and terminology of chess

  • The foundational principles of playing good chess

  • The three phases of the game - the opening, middlegame and endgame – and how to master them

  • The methods behind creating threats, executing tactics, attacking your opponent’s king and achieving checkmate

  • How to develop rock-solid defensive and positional capabilities

  • Advanced techniques such as gambits, sacrifices, visualisation and thinking like a Grandmaster

  • Computer chess and the future of chess


Section 1: The Basics

Unit 1.1 - Refresher
Unit 1.2 - The Foundations of Good Chess
Unit 1.3 - Captures, Exchanges and Candidate Moves

Section 2: Phases Of The Game

Unit 2.1 - The Opening
Unit 2.2 - Basic Openings
Unit 2.3 - Opening Traps
Unit 2.4 - The Middlegame
Unit 2.5 - The Endgame

Section 3: Winning Fast

Unit 3.1 - Tactics
Unit 3.2 - Threats
Unit 3.3 - Attacking the Exposed King
Unit 3.4 - Attacking the Castled King
Unit 3.5 - Checkmate Patterns

Section 4: Winning Slow

Unit 4.1 - Defending
Unit 4.2 - Positional Play

Section 5: Advanced Techniques

Unit 5.1 - Sacrifices, Gambits and Beauty
Unit 5.2 - Visualisation
Unit 5.3 - Individual Style
Unit 5.4 - Thinking Like a Grandmaster

Section 6: Chess 2.0

Unit 6.1 - 21st Century Chess
Unit 6.2 - Computer Chess

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