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Basic WordPress

With speed and simplicity, pull your business, organisation or project into our thrilling web-oriented future.

WordPress is the most powerful, accessible and popular web-publishing and content-management tool in the world. Over 20% of websites, and well over 60 million websites overall, use WordPress. With almost 40% of the world population using the internet today, the maintenance of a polished, tailored and well-functioning website is paramount for businesses, organisations and individuals everywhere.

With coding lessons creeping into schools, the next generation will soon speak this new language - web design - that sits at the very core of our technologically focused society. WordPress is the key to not being left behind. Best-selling author and web-design expert Wendy Willard to show you how, with breathtaking ease, to use WordPress to create a beautiful, dynamic and powerfully-functioning website that gives you complete control over your business, organisation or personal project’s online presence.

Highlights -

  • 10 beautifully designed units from one of the world's best writers on WordPress

  • The essentials are covered, from setting up and installing through to making your WordPress site go live

  • Create an actual live website as part of the practical element of this course

  • Units covering essential plugins will help make your website usable and friendly

  • Introductions to SEO, social media, user comments, web analytics, forms and e-commerce are all covered in this course

  • Certificate of attainment

  • Multiple choice tests to benchmark your progress


Section 1: Installation and Setup

Unit 1.1 - Introduction
Unit 1.2 - Getting Started
Unit 1.3 - Tool Overview

Section 2: Managing Content

Unit 2.1 - Just the Basics
Unit 2.2 - Design
Unit 2.3 - Content Structure
Unit 2.4 - Functionality

Section 3: Extending Functionality

Unit 3.1 - Maintenance
Unit 3.2 - Essential Plugins Part One
Unit 3.3 - Essential Plugins Part Two

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